LawnMutt Soil Amendment for dog urine grass repair and protection


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LawnMutt is a soil amendment for dog owners that want to stop the urine damage to their lawn.

LawnMutt restores and enhances the soil’s ability to metabolize the excess nitrogen contained in dog urine. Dog urine, as well as fertilizer, is processed by bacteria in the soil in a process called the Nitrogen Cycle. LawnMutt increases the population of healthy bacteria in the soil and improves its ability to digest the large quantity of nitrogen present in dog urine.

When used regularly LawnMutt will give you a healthier, greener lawn that is more resistant to dog urine damage.


LawnMutt Description:

  • Repairs and enhances the Nitrogen Cycle in your soil.
  • Improve the overall health, color and growth of your lawn within weeks of the first application.
  • Prevention and resistance to new urine damage will start gradually, usually starting within a few weeks and will improve over time and repeated applications.

  • 1 ounce treats up to 200 sq ft.

  • An application every 3-6 weeks is recommended.

  • Easy to apply using a hose-end sprayer.

  • Bare spots can be re-seeded 7-14 days after the first application.

  • Safe for family, pets, plants and the environment.

  • Effective on all types of grass.

With regular applications of LawnMutt every 3-6 weeks, most customers see an improvement in the overall health of their lawn and a lessening of new pet urine spots within a few weeks when used as directed. Lawns with severe urine damage or an excess of fertilizer accumulated in the soil can take longer. 


Customer Reviews

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Seems to be working great.

I laid some sod in the back yard and my biggest concern was yellow and dead spots from the dog urine. I sprayed some the night before on the bare dirt prior to laying the sod. 3 days after laying the sod I sprayed some more so it can get within the roots of the new sod and dirt. After 3 weeks of laying the sod I let the dogs out as a tester and marked the spots where they did their business. Safe to say after a few days there was no yellowing or dead spots. Grass looks great and no wear from the dogs urine. Working as it should! Will purchase again in the future.

Better than before

I have two dogs and a small patch of yard. One of my dogs is female(new). The male is trained to go on a pole in the yard.The female kinda goes all over. The yard had thinned out and was looking kinda faded. After I used your product the yard seems to be bouncing back.

Fertilizer product

Excellent product

It really works

Yellow spots on the lawn gradually went away and stayed away
This product works well

So far, so good

I’m only into my 8th week, but after second application, things are looking good. I think this is going to be a great option to keep our grass looking good yet allow our dogs to roam free and do their business as they see fit.