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LawnMutt is a soil amendment for dog owners that want to stop the urine damage to their lawn.

The 32-ounce and 64-ounce bottles are ideal for lawns larger than 2,500 sq ft. If your lawn is smaller than 2,500 sq ft be sure to check out our convenient 2 application bundles here:

LawnMutt 2 Application Bundles

LawnMutt restores and enhances the soil’s ability to metabolize the excess nitrogen contained in dog urine. Dog urine, as well as fertilizer, is processed by bacteria in the soil in a process called the Nitrogen Cycle. LawnMutt increases the population of healthy bacteria in the soil and improves its ability to digest the large quantity of nitrogen present in dog urine.

Once you complete the Start-Up Phase you can enjoy a spot-free lawn with easy applications every 6-12 weeks, depending on the lawn size and amount of urine.

When used regularly LawnMutt will give you a healthier, greener lawn that is more resistant to dog urine damage as well as heat stress and some funguses. 

For a more in-depth understanding of dog urine and the damage it can cause to a lawn we have a more extensive article here:

Guide to Understanding Dog Urine Grass Repair and Protection 


If you are new to our products we would love to help you get started. We encourage all our customers to take advantage of our Exclusive SoundStart Program.


Are you ready for a Spot-Free Lawn? Let’s get started.

1. Decide on the amount of product needed per application. The amount of LawnMutt needed depends on the size of your lawn. We recommend applying 1 ounce for every 100 sq feet in the beginning. (If your lawn is 2,000 sq ft you will want to apply 20 ounces per application, for the first few applications). We recommend treating the entire lawn available to your dog, not just the spots.

2. Purchase enough product for 2 applications.

3. Plan on a way to apply the product. We recommend an Ortho Dial-n-Spray applicator, but any applicator designed for liquids will work. A Miracle Grow applicator works differently and will not evenly apply the product. If you have a small area you can apply with a pressure sprayer or watering can just make sure to water well after applying.

4. Apply the first application upon delivery and the second application 4 weeks later.

5. MOST IMPORTANTLY,  contact us a few weeks after the second application, and let’s review the progress. 
Depending on the severity of the urine damage some lawns can require 3-4 applications to make significant progress. 

If your lawn is not responding after the second application, applications 3-4 are on us free of charge. We can be reached through our online chat program or by email at jeff@soundsoil.comIf you still have additional questions, please contact us so we can help.

All but the most severely damaged lawns will be free of new urine spots after 2-4 applications. The old urine spots may grow back if there are any viable roots but will likely need to be reseeded over time.

After completing the startup phase and the new urine damage has stopped you should be able to spread the applications out to every 8-12 weeks and see how the lawn responds. The further into the program you get the longer you can go between applications. The soil gets better at filtering the urine over time and repeated applications.

LawnMutt contains the following ingredients. 

The Guaranteed Analysis is 9-0-0

Total Nitrogen (N) .................9.00%
1.50% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
1.00% Nitrate Nitrogen
6.50% Urea Nitrogen

Derived from Urea, Ammonium Nitrate, Ammonium Sulfate

It also contains the following microorganisms:


To help keep your applications on schedule we now offer a Subscription Service. Save 10% when you sign up for regularly scheduled deliveries.


Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Nicola Nakase (Los Angeles, US)
It works somewhat

This product works, but it’s a lot of up keep. We still have dead grass from urine and it’s a vicious cycle chasing it around the yard

Steven Corpus (Oklahoma City, US)
Love the service!

The customer service is top notch!

David Emmons (Missoula, US)
It works!

My first application made a difference. If last year's experience is an indication, the next one will eliminate what few spots were left after the first one. It neutralizes the nitrogen in my dog's urine; it also is an excellent fertilizer for the grass. Let this be my advance order for next year!

Douglas Martin (Denver, US)
First time buyer

I laid new sod and have 3 dogs so I bought Lawn Mutt to try and minimize urine damage. Jeff is extremely helpful with instructions and is very concerned about getting the very best results. Since my sod was new and the roots system was not well established, I did get some damage from my dogs, however, I do believe that the damage was minimized because of Lawn Mutt. I will continue to use the product.

a.S. (Mableton, US)
getting towards a green lawn

We live in Georgia and have Zeon Zoysia in our yard. It's a slow growing warm season grass and the high temps plus our dogs urine briwns the grass. We starting using Lawn Mutt last year and the change is amazing. Just ordered another 64 ozs.