LawnMutt Soil Amendment for a Small Lawn (400-800 sq ft) 2 Application Treatment For Dog Urine Spots.

LawnMutt Soil Amendment for a Small Lawn (400-800 sq ft) 2 Application Treatment For Dog Urine Spots.

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LawnMutt is a liquid treatment for dog urine spots on your lawn. Dog urine contains high levels of urea nitrogen. High concentrations of urea can damage a lawn's ability to absorb moisture. Health soil converts urea nitrogen into a more lawn friendly nitrate nitrogen that's easier for the lawn to absorb. LawnMutt repairs and enhances the soil's health enabling it to process higher levels of urea. By metabolizing the excess urea you can prevent dog urine spots in your lawn.

Are you interested in repairing and preventing dog urine spots on your lawn? Preventing urine damage is a process that varies from lawn to lawn. Our LawnMutt Soil Amendment in combination with one-on-one support has helped thousands of customers prevent urine damage to their lawn. We would like to help you with your lawn.

LawnMutt is a liquid concentrate that is best applied with an applicator that goes on your water hose. Our LawnMutt 2 Application Pack is available with or without a reusable Hose end applicator.

The Small Lawn Starter Kit is formulated for lawns 400-800 sq ft. That would be the lawn area of a small home, townhome, or condominium.

Not sure the sq ft of your lawn? For reference, look at the pictures above for size comparison. The pictures above are of lawn areas approximately 400-800 sq. ft.  If you are still unsure email me a picture and I should be able to recommend a bottle size. My email address is

One thing to keep in mind with small lawns is that they are normally the hardest to keep spot-free. the reason is that the foot traffic and urine are confined to a smaller area and is more concentrated. 

The application is as easy as watering. Simply pour the contents of one 4 oz. bottle into the applicator bottle and add 16 ounces of additional water. Set the green dial on the applicator to the 2 oz. setting. Apply to the lawn area evenly until the applicator is empty. Then just water for 5-10 minutes after to saturate down to the root zone. It is that easy. no additional measuring or worrying.  

Repeat the process with the second bottle 3-6 weeks later to continue the repair process.  

After the second application, you should start to see a decrease in the number and severity of new urine spots as well as the shrinking of existing dead spots. 2-4 applications are usually enough to start the repair processes on all but the most severely damaged lawns. 

Due to the volume of urine applied to most lawns, regular applications every 6-8 weeks are recommended and prevention will get better with each application. 

LawnMutt is safe for people and pets when used as directed and no special safety requirements are needed.

Dead spots can be reseeded 7-14 days after application. 

To help keep your applications on a regular schedule we now offer a Subscription Service.  

 Depending on the severity of the urine damage 1-2 applications may not be enough to completely stop the new urine spots. To ensure all our new customers are satisfied with their results, check out our exclusive SoundStart Program. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Matthew Lopez (Suffolk, US)
Works great

Works even better than advertised. I’ll keep using to keep grass alive n green for my 100 pound 11 month old puppy.

Ken Snowdon (San Jose, US)
Unused after 80 days.

Sorry Jeff but even after 80 days I still haven't gotten around to/taken the time to apply the LawnMutt recipe. Blame it on cold temps, unsure about the proper ratio of water to formula, Christmas, Covid, all of the above-some of the time and /or all of the time. Recent temps overnight have been upper 30's-lower 40's, even in San Jose. Sorry about that. I'm still a fan of your products, though.

Dwana Kolda (Tea, US)

Unable to use it yet.

Julie Lewis (Salt Lake City, US)
Love my mutt even more!

The only thing that was not perfect about our new puppy was the yellow spots he left on the lawn. I was afraid of my husband‘s ambivalence about the dog and his OCD-ness about our lawn intersecting with tragic results of discord and unhappiness in our oh so puppy perfect world… Then along came LawnMutt soil and The sun broke through the clouds, the choruses of angels started singing, and our lawn is restored to its practically perfect state. But seriously-I didn’t really believe it would work but loved the story of the company so I thought I would support it and try it out and it really has almost magically transformed our problematic lawn. Great customer service great follow up -very pleased with the whole experience.

Connie (Laguna Hills, US)
What a Relief!!!

We installed new sod, and as advised by the instructions on the starter fertilizer, fertilized the new lawn three weeks after installation. Unfortunately, the soil in our small yard had years of dog urine absorption and after adding fertilizer, the nitrogen level was too much and the lawn began to die.

I learned about Mutt Lawn and gave it a shot. We have been using Mutt Lawn every three weeks for the past three months and to our relief, our beautiful new lawn is coming back. We suffered a slight set back as we are tenants, and the gardner that is hired by the property owner applied fertilizer without notifying us. UGH!! I believe if this had not happened, the lawn would have been completely restored by now.

The product is easy to use and I was very appreciative when Jeff personally reponded to my email. We had spent a fair amount of money installing this new lawn at a property we don't even own and I was so worried that our mistake had caused the money and time to be a total waste.
Thank you Jeff and Sound Soil for this product and your support.
Laguna Hills CA