LawnMutt Soil Amendment - 2 application bundles

LawnMutt is now available in NEW 2 application bundles.

LawnMutt restores and enhances the soil’s ability to metabolize the excess nitrogen contained in dog urine. Dog urine and fertilizer are processed by bacteria in the soil. This process is called the Nitrogen Cycle.

LawnMutt increases the population of healthy bacteria in the soil and improves its ability to digest the large quantity of nitrogen present in dog urine.

There are a few factors that can affect how quickly the lawn responds. The primary factor is the severity of the existing urine damage.

LawnMutt is most effective when applied on a regular schedule.

For customers just starting to use our product, we recommend applying every 4 weeks for 2-4 applications. This should be enough to stop the new urine damage. 

Once the urine damage has stopped you can maintain a spot-free lawn with applications every 6-12 weeks depending on the number of dogs and the size of your lawn.

How to order: 

1. Select the size of your lawn.  LawnMutt 2 application bundles are available for small, medium, and large lawns.  

2. Decide if you need an applicator.  LawnMutt 2 application bundles are available with or without a reusable applicator. Although not necessary, hose-end applicators are the easiest way to apply LawnMutt to your lawn. 

To help keep your applications on a regular schedule we now offer a Subscription Service.  

If you want fewer shipments and save on postage you can also take advantage of our interest-free Shop Pay option. 


 Depending on the severity of the urine damage 1-2 applications may not be enough to completely stop the new urine spots. To ensure all our new customers are satisfied with their results, check out our exclusive SoundStart Program. 


Preventing dog urine damage to your lawn is easy and now simpler than ever to apply.


Try a few applications of LawnMutt and see for yourself.

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