LawnMutt Soil Amendment - 2 application bundles

LawnMutt is now available in NEW 2 application bundles.


LawnMutt is most effective when applied on a regular schedule.

For customers just starting to use our product, we recommend applying every 4 weeks for 2-4 applications. This should be enough to stop the new urine damage. 

Once the urine damage has stopped you can maintain a spot-free lawn with applications every 6-12 weeks depending on the number of dogs and the size of your lawn.

How to order: 

1. Select the size of your lawn.  LawnMutt 2 application bundles are available for small, medium, and large lawns.  

2. Decide if you need an applicator.  LawnMutt 2 application bundles are available with or without a reusable applicator. Although not necessary, hose-end applicators are the easiest way to apply LawnMutt to your lawn. 

To help keep your applications on a regular schedule we now offer a Subscription Service.  SAVE 10% when you subscribe for scheduled shipments. 

 Depending on the severity of the urine damage 1-2 applications may not be enough to completely stop the new urine spots. To ensure all our new customers are satisfied with their results, check out our exclusive SoundStart Program. 

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