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RestoreClay is a soil amendment for people who would like to improve their hard, unproductive clay soil.

RestoreClay helps to soften and restructure hard clay soils for improved water and root penetration while building the soils Biogeochemical Cycles. These biological processes unlock the nutrients stored in dense clay soils. By improving the soils softness and biological health you will enjoy a healthier lawn and more productive garden.

Apply before planting or where plants are growing. When used a few times a year, RestoreClay will transform and change your clay soil while improving the health and growth of your lawn and garden.


RestoreClay Description:

  • Improves the health and growth of lawns, gardens, trees, and shrubs growing in clay soil.
  • Promotes clay soil "softness", root development, water drainage and composting.
  • 1 ounce treats 300 sq ft.  2-3 applications a year recommended.
  • The application is as easy as watering. Apply using a hose end applicator, pressure sprayer or even a watering can.
  • Can be applied to bare clay soil or planted areas. Turning the soil can increase effectiveness but is not necessary.
  • Safe for family, pets, plants and the environment.

RestoreClay improves hard clay soils by changing the soil environment, controlling destructive sodium and improving soil particle grouping to create a plant friendly open soil structure. Unlock the potential of your clay soil for more robust plant growth while improving soil pH, nutrient storage potential, water efficiency and breaking down nutrient-rich organic matter.

RestoreClay is easy to use, long lasting and can be applied to lawns, shrubs, trees, flowers or vegetables.

It can be applied to areas where traditional clay soil amendments are impractical.

For Best Results

  • Apply 1/3 oz. (10 ml) of RestoreClay per 100 sq feet of lawn or garden 2-3 times per year.
  • Apply in temperatures above 45° F.
  • Apply using a hose end applicator designed for liquids. (Do not use applicators designed for granulated fertilizers.)
  • Tilling, turning or aerating soil will increase the amount of penetration and can speed results but is not required.


Risk-Free “Try It” Offer

Try a 16 oz bottle of either RestoreClay or LawnMutt risk-free!

Whether you have hard clay soil or a problem with dog urine spots in your lawn we have the products and the expertise to treat the problem.  To help win your confidence, we offer a Money Back Guarantee on your first 16-ounce bottle* of either RestoreClay or LawnMutt.

If after a few applications you don’t feel our products are the solution for you, we will refund the cost of the product, including shipping.

*Offer available for the initial purchase of our 16-ounce bottle sizes only.

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Ask a Question
  • Should we apply when there is no rain in the forecast? Or does it matter? Don't want it to wash away.

    The additional moisture helps to saturate the product into the soil where it can work.  I like applying before a rainstorm as long as the water is not running off into a ditch or gutter.

  • I am looking to use this product as I try to overseed my lawn. Could I overseed then use this product to loosen the soil and not do damage to the seed put down?

    It's a good idea to separate spreading seed and applying RestoreClay by about a week. By applying RestoreClay either 7 days before seed or 7 days after it will keep the biology from composting the seed. 

  • I live in Colorado and my soil is mostly bentonite soil. Would your product work with this type of soil ?

    It should.

    We are located in Salt Lake City and I would think we have similar soils. RestoreClay works very well on the soil here.

    Try a sample and see what effect it has on your specific clay soil.


  • How is RestoreClay different than fertilizer?

    RestoreClay works to improve the environment of your soil so that it can process and store fertilizer more effectivley.  RestoreClay is used to help you get the most plant growth from you fertilizer not in place of fertilizer.  

    Fertilizer is the food your plants need but it does nothing to improve your soil or improve the ability of your soil to process it for storage and consumption by your plants. 

    To use a car analogy, fertilizer is the fuel or gas which you need to keep the car running. RestoreClay is morelike the oil, or maybe a engine tuneup. By makeing sure the engine is in peak running condition we can get a more efficient use of the fuel.

  • Can I spray RestoreClay over mulch , or do I need to spray directly on the soil?

    Yes you can spray RestoreClay over mulch. We do recommend watering for a few minutes after application to wash the RestoreClay off the mulch and into the soil.

  • Can I apply RestoreClay on an area with plants?

    Yes, RestoreClay was formulated to improve the health and growth of plants growing in clay soil. We do recommend watering for a few minutes after applying to wash the RestoreClay off the leaves of the plants and into the soil.

  • Do I need to work or turn the soil to apply RestoreClay?

    No, RestoreClay can be applied directly to unturned soil or areas with plants, such as a lawn. If turning the soil or aeration is possible it can accelerate the restruturing process because it increases the surface area and the RestoreClay can penetrate deeper and treat more of the soil.

  • How often do I need to apply RestoreClay?

    2-3 application a year is sufficient for most lawns and gardens.

  • What are the ingredients in RestoreClay?

    RestoreClay is a soil amendment designed to improve clay soil using a proprietary blend of naturally occurring organic acids and soil microbes with a little nitrogen and sulfur.

    MSDS Sheets available upon request.

  • We have had problems with plants and shrubs just not growing to their ability. I want to till and then get some good compost and dirt mixture to build up our garden areas for next year. Can I till, use your product and then put the new dirt on top this fall, so my garden will flourish next year?

    Yes,  our RestoreClay product should make a big difference. It will help to "soften' the soil for better water and root penetration as well as actively break the compost down into beneficial humus.   

    Tilling will help the product penetrate deeper into the soil but is not required. 


  • Can I use restoreclay after I sprayed my lawn with weed killer

    Using RestoreClay after applying a herbicide is a good idea. Herbicides can be hard on the biological processes in the soil. RestoreClay will help to restore the soil's biological health.


  • I get my water from a well this product isn't going to do damage to the water table is it?

    No. The application quantities are very small and the ingredients are all natural.