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RestoreClay is the Complete Solution for amending your hard clay soil.  

Are you frustrated with your clay soil? Tired of standing water and sparse lawn growth? Have you ever planted a tree or shrub only to have it die and when you dig it up you see that the roots never made it out of the original hole?

What’s the solution? Compost? Gypsum? Jackhammer? Dynamite?

Compost is definitely an important part of making long term improvements to clay soil but can take years.

Gypsum can help break up the clay but does not fix the underlying problems and the benefits are short-lived and the hard clay will return in a few months.

And although the jackhammer and dynamite are both very satisfying I don't think your neighbors would approve. Even after the clay is broken up if the underlying problems are not corrected the clay will revert back to concrete with the first few rain showers.

For a complete long term solution, we need to address the underlying problems that cause that clay to be dense and hard.

These underlying problems can include but are not limited to:

  • Excess salts and salinity. Salts cause dispersion that leads to a dense, compact soil structure that hinders root development and drains poorly.
  • Lack of humus. Compost breaks down into humus. Humus is critical to new plant growth and healthy soil structure. Dense clay soils tend to be lacking in humus.
  • An Inadequate Population of Beneficial Microorganisms. Microorganisms are responsible for the composting of organic matter into humus and nutrients as well as generally making the soil productive.
  • Excessive Fertilizers or Toxins. Excessive fertilizer can also cause dispersion and inhibit healthy, balanced plant growth.

By repairing the problems or “ imbalances” in the soil we restore the natural health of the soil.

Healthy soil will naturally “soften” and provide a productive growing environment.

RestoreClay is a NEW Soil Amendment that repairs these underlying problems and restores a natural, healthy balance.

2-3 Applications of RestoreClay a year will:

  • Help remove excess salts and reverse dispersion for better drainage and deeper roots.
  • Add concentrated Humus that helps coat the soil particles and lessens cohesion for a “softer” soil structure and added nutrients for new plant growth.
  • Add a Concentration of Beneficial Microorganisms that release stored nutrients, restructures the clay soil particles and generally improves plant growth.
  • Helps remove unwanted toxins and improves fertilizer availability. You will see better plant growth from less fertilizer which means less excess fertilizer is being wasted and washed downstream.

If you correct the harmful conditions in the clay soil and replace them with beneficial processes good things will start to happen in your hard clay soil.

RestoreClay is essential for anyone with hard clay soils.

This is not liquid gypsum. It's better, more effective than gypsum with longer lasting results.

RestoreClay is the complete solution for restoring you hard, unproductive clay soil into a beautiful lawn and garden.

How will healthy clay soil benefit your lawn and garden?

  • Grow a thicker, greener lawn that needs less fertilizer, has deeper roots and less thatch.
  • Naturally improves soil health for better-tasting fruits and vegetables. Enjoy flowers that bloom longer and stand stronger.
  • Accelerates humus creation and improves soil structure for better drainage and deeper root development.
  • Improve your soils natural immunity to funguses like Necrotic Ring.
  • Beneficial for worms. By “softening” hard clay worms can more easily move through the soil.
  • Neutralize your soil pH. Healthy soils tend to naturally move toward a neutral pH.

The application is as easy as watering. Apply using a hose end applicator, pressure sprayer or even a watering can.

For Best Results Apply 1/2 oz. - 1 oz. of RestoreClay per 100 sq. feet of lawn or garden 2-3 times per year. Apply in temperatures above 45° F. Apply using a hose end applicator designed for liquids. (Do not use applicators designed for granulated fertilizers.) 

Tilling, turning or aerating soil will increase the amount of penetration and can speed results but is not required.

Applying our Liquid Humate with RestoreClay is a perfect pairing. Add a concentration of humus to fuel the restoration process.

Are you ready to start making real, long lasting, improvements to your clay soil?

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