Amend Your Clay Soil With RestoreClay

Amend Your Clay Soil With RestoreClay


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RestoreClay is the Complete Solution for amending your hard clay soil.  

Are you frustrated with your clay soil? Tired of standing water and sparse lawn growth? Have you ever planted a tree or shrub only to have it die? These problems and more can be the result of Unhealthy Clay Soil. 

RestoreClay can Help! RestoreClay is a Complete Solution to start improving your frustrating clay soil.

How Will RestoreClay Help?

When most people think of fertile soils they think of dark, loose topsoils. These are soils rich in nutrients, humus, and beneficial microorganisms and as a result, are great soils for growing a healthy lawn and garden. Unhealthy clay soils are typically lacking in these elements.

To turn unhealthy clay soil into a more productive growing soil we need to add Humus and Beneficial Microorganisms. RestoreClay is formulated to do just that.

RestoreClay will help correct any harmful conditions in the soil that are hindering the growth of microorganisms, in addition to adding new ones. This increase in healthy biology will accelerate the creation of humus and add nutrients.

As the conditions in the soil improve it will start to provide a fertile growing environment for your lawn and garden.

Some of the benefits of using RestoreClay include:

  • A looser soil structure that improves water movement and root growth.
  • Significant improvement in the growth of lawns, gardens, trees, and flowers.
  • Accelerated breakdown of organic matter creating soil nutrients.

If you are interested in learning more about improving your clay soil, we have a longer article here.


If you are new to our products, be sure to learn about our Exclusive SoundStart Program.


Are you ready to start Improving Your Clay Soil? Let’s get started!

1. Decide on the amount of product needed per application. The amount of RestoreClay needed depends on the size of your lawn and or garden. We recommend applying 1 ounce of RestoreClay for every 100 sq feet of soil in the beginning. (If your lawn is 2,000 sq ft you will want to apply 20 ounces per application.) Our Liquid Humate product makes a great combination with RestoreClay, and we recommend pairing the two together.

If you would like my help planning the application amount, please contact me at

2. Purchase enough product for 2 applications.

3. Plan on a way to apply the product. We recommend an Ortho Dial-n-Spray applicator, but any applicator designed for liquids will work. A Miracle Grow applicator works differently and will not evenly apply the product. If you have a small area you can apply with a pressure sprayer or watering can just make sure to water well after applying.

4. Apply the first application upon delivery and the second application 4 weeks later.

5. MOST IMPORTANTLY, contact us a few weeks after the second application, and let’s review the progress. Some clay soils can require 3-4 applications to make significant progress. If your soil is not responding after the second application, applications 3-4 are on us free of charge. We can be reached through our online chat program or by email at

If you still have additional questions, please contact us so we can help.

The soil will get better with each application. Continuing to apply on a 4-week schedule is a great way to accelerate the improvements. There will come a point after the first 2-4 applications where you are satisfied with the health of the lawn and or garden and just want to maintain the results and can then transition to the maintenance phase.

To maintain the results, you should be able to spread the applications out to 3-4 times a year. The further into the program you get the longer you can go between applications. The soil gets better over time and repeated applications.

To help keep your applications on schedule we now offer a Subscription Service. Save 10% when you sign up for regularly scheduled deliveries.

RestoreClay contains the following ingredients. 

The Guaranteed Analysis is 9-0-0

Total Nitrogen (N) .................9.00%
1.50% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
1.00% Nitrate Nitrogen
6.50% Urea Nitrogen

Derived from Urea, Ammonium Nitrate, Ammonium Sulfate

It also contains the following microorganisms:



Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews
JM (Littleton, US)
This really worked last year

When I one to plant in the area that is usually hard as rock, I was able to easily get a shovel in. I just put some down hoping for the same great results next spring.

Javier T. (Soledad, US)
Great on new development homes

Took a whole bottle of soundclay, but it broke up my soil that was as hard as cement!!! Lawn was suffering badly until I started using the product combined with the liquid humate. Recommend to everyone in a new home with the compacted clay dirt.

Maryann (Greensboro, US)
It's working!!!!!

I used a combination of Restore Clay and Liquid Humate on a 600 sq ft area under a Japanese Snowball Tree. The soil was rock hard (North Carolina clay!) when I started applying the mixture. Even though it's a small area, I still used a hose applicator; so far I've applied the combo three times and am definitely seeing a difference. Directions suggested 3 or 4 applications a year, but this area was really like concrete so I figured more frequent applications couldn't hurt! I've been diligent about watering after each, and I'm thrilled with the overall results - to the point that I've been able to move the soil enough to plant some hosta, astilbe, and ferns. The plants seem to be flourishing - will give you an update in the spring!! I would say RestoreClay is a success!

Dennis Murphy (Jamestown, US)
still working

Have not had a chance to dig new holes for trees yet; will reply in spring next year. Good product reviews and expect good results.

Deborah Nisenoff (Belize City, BZ)
Definitely saw a difference

I don't know how effective as I don't have another untreated area to compare it too. I did notice that water did not pool as it did previously