SoundStart Program


Make sure to take advantage of our EXCLUSIVE SOUNDSTART Program.


Are you looking for an effective solution to Improving Your Clay Soil or Preventing Dog Urine Damage? If you are new to our products, you are probably wondering if they will provide you with long-term results.

The most frustrating part for new customers when using our products is the startup. All lawns, yards, and soils are a little different, and some can have more extensive problems than others. Sometimes correcting these problems can require additional time and product applications.

To ensure your startup is as easy as possible, and our products are your long-term solution, we offer our SoundStart Program.

What is our SoundStart Program?

Our SoundStart Program is a Managed Start Up Program that allows us to ensure you get the best results possible. We provide active consultation and free product, as needed, to ensure your success.

How can you enroll? Enrollment is free. Simply fill out the submission form below. We will supply an Introductory Consultation about your lawn and or garden. These consultations can be done by email or scheduled phone call.

Some of the things we will discuss include:

  • The best products to use for the problems in your yard.
  • An effective application amount for the size of your lawn or garden.
  • An application frequency schedule
  • Best method of application and how to apply.
  • Discuss fertilizer, seed, and compost.
  • What to expect.

Once we get a recovery plan created, purchase enough product for the first 2 applications. Plan on applying 1 application when the product arrives and the second application 4 weeks after the first.

I like to call these initial applications the Startup Phase. We want to get the soil healthy and productive as quickly as possible. Applying every 4 weeks helps with this startup process. The startup phase normally takes between 2-4 applications. We will get to a point to where the soil, lawn, and or garden is green and healthy, and you just want to maintain the results. I call this the Maintenance Phase.

After applying the first 2 applications any additional applications needed to complete the Startup Phase will be provided Free of Charge. We want you to be confident in our products before asking you to spend any additional money.

 When is the startup complete? I would call the startup phase complete when you feel good about the results. For Dog urine damage this will likely be when the new urine damage stops. For Clay soils, when you see an overall improvement in the growth and health of your lawn and or garden.

During the Startup phase I like to stay in contact so we can evaluate the progress. I will contact you every 4-5 weeks.


Long Term Maintenance

Hopefully, once you have seen the benefits our products can offer you will want to continue to use them for years to come. Our products do get consumed by the soil and need to be re-applied, periodically but once the startup is complete the applications are less frequent.

LawnMutt - After completing the startup phase you should be able to spread the applications out to every 8-12 weeks and see how the lawn responds. The further into the program you get the longer you can go between applications. The soil gets better at filtering the urine over time and repeated applications.

RestoreClay/Liquid Humate - 3-4 applications a year is normally adequate to keep clay soil healthy and productive. More frequent applications are always beneficial but not always necessary. The further into the program you get the longer you can go between applications. The soil will get better over time and repeated applications.

Once you have established an application schedule be sure to take advantage of our convenient Subscription Service to have product delivered to you automatically and save 10% on the purchase price.