LawnMutt Soil Amendment for a Medium Lawn (800-1600 sq ft) 2 Application Treatment For Dog Urine Lawn Repair and Protection.

LawnMutt Soil Amendment for a Medium Lawn (800-1600 sq ft) 2 Application Treatment For Dog Urine Lawn Repair and Protection.


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LawnMutt is an easy to apply, liquid soil amendment, for repairing dog urine spots in your lawn. Dog urine contains high levels of urea nitrogen. High concentrations of urea can damage a lawn's ability to absorb moisture. Health soil converts urea nitrogen into a more lawn friendly nitrate nitrogen that's easier for the lawn to absorb. LawnMutt repairs and enhances the soil's health enabling it to process higher levels of urea. By metabolizing the excess urea you can prevent dog urine spots in your lawn. 

Are you interested in repairing and preventing dog urine spots on your lawn? Preventing urine damage is a process that varies from lawn to lawn. Our LawnMutt Soil Amendment in combination with one-on-one support has helped thousands of customers prevent urine damage to their lawn. We would like to help you with your lawn.

LawnMutt is a liquid concentrate that is best applied with an applicator that goes on your water hose. Our LawnMutt 2 Application Pack is available with or without a reusable Hose end applicator.


If you are new to our products we would love to help you get started. We encourage all our customers to take advantage of our Exclusive SoundStart Program.


The Medium Lawn Refill Bundle is formulated for lawns 800-1600 sq ft. That would be the lawn area of a standard home on approximately 1/2 acre. 

Not sure the sq ft of your lawn? For reference, look at the pictures above for size comparison. The pictures above are of lawn areas approximately 800-1600 sq. ft.  If you are still unsure email me a picture and I should be able to recommend a bottle size. My email address is

The application is as easy as watering. Simply pour the contents of one 8 oz. bottle into the applicator bottle and add 24 ounces of additional water. Set the dial on the applicator to the 2 oz. setting. Apply to the lawn area evenly until the applicator is empty. Then just water for 5-10 minutes after to saturate down to the root zone. It is that easy. no additional measuring or worrying.  

Repeat the process with the second bottle 3-6 weeks later to continue the repair process.  

After the second application, you should start to see a decrease in the number and severity of new urine spots as well as the shrinking of existing dead spots. 2 applications are usually enough to start the repair processes on all but the most severely damaged lawns. These lawns can take a bit longer and a few additional applications. 

Due to the volume of urine applied to most lawns, regular applications every 3-6 weeks is recommended and prevention of new urine spots will get better with each application. 

LawnMutt is safe for people and pets when used as directed and no special safety requirements are needed.

Dead spots can be reseeded 7-14 days after application. 

To help keep your applications on a regular schedule we now offer a Subscription Service.  

 Depending on the severity of the urine damage 1-2 applications may not be enough to completely stop the new urine spots. To ensure all our new customers are satisfied with their results, check out our exclusive SoundStart Program. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Christine (Cranston, US)
Does seem to be helping

Began applying regularly this spring and seems like our lawn is healthier. Still have some brown/ dead spots but have two large dogs in our small yard.

Tasha Osten (Ceresco, US)
Solved our problem!

This worked great. I was struggling to get grass to grow and then keep it. One treatment and we had amazing results.

William Hoover (Murrieta, US)
Worked great for my 3 large dogs

I put sod down in my backyard and sadly my dogs started making big dead spots I have a boxer, a lab mix and a great dane female, so the boys always have to pee where she did, triple threat! So I ordered some of the LawnMutt. Jeff contacted me and asked for some pictures, then we spoke on the phone Jeff said I did not get enough of the LawnMutt for the large area I had and sent me two more applications worth for free! After 2 application in 2 months the dead spots stopped! I was amazed. Great customer service, if you are in doubt talk to Jeff yourself, he will explain exactly how it works and will tell you what you should use, most amazing customer service I have seen.

Thanks Jeff!

Bill Hoover
Murrieta Ca

Kevin France (Plano, US)

I meant to add a photo of after 3 treatments how my lawn looks, my regret is that I did not take before pictures. This area of the yard had multiple brown spots.

LawnMutt is an amazing product. I had several brown spots in my backyard from one of my dog's urine; within 2 treatments the brown patches were gone. I plan on using LawnMutt as an ongoing part of our grass regimen.

I cannot say enough about their customer service. On multiple occasions, I have never had a company reach out to see how their product was working. The team at LawnMutt really cares about their customers. I would highly recommend this product to anyone experiencing brown spots due to dog urine.


Still waiting to see if it works