Our Story

Our Story

The History of our Products.

A few years ago we started a relationship with an Agricultural Sciences Company that develops soil amendments to improve the crops grown on large farms. They were doing this, not by adding more or different types of fertilizer, or through genetic modifications, but rather by focusing on the natural health of the soil. Natural, healthy soil grows better crops while protecting the environment by using less fertilizer.

While the technology and specific formulations are proprietary, the basics are to remove the conditions that inhibit good soil health and then add the missing beneficial elements back into the soil.    

Our Company

After finding this line of products we started using them on our own yards as well as the yards of our friends and family. 

The results were very exciting. Two noticeable areas that seem to really benefit were unproductive clay soils and surprisingly that the damage from dog urine decreased or disappeared completely. 

We quickly realized that homeowners would benefit from these healthy soil products. We started SoundSoil to repackage their products and make them available to homeowners. 

In 2017 we started our website SoundSoil.com.  We are a small internet based company located in Salt Lake City,  Utah.

Why our products work.

Our products are based on naturally occurring processes. And while a complete understanding can get very detailed and scientific, here are the basics.

In natures timeline, old plant growth dies and covers the soil. This dead plant matter slowly decays and adds humus to the soil. This humus stimulates and feeds the microorganisms that grow and naturally aerate the soil and provide nutrients for new plant growth. Our products repair and accelerate this basic cycle. 

Hard dense clay is generally lacking in two elements. Organic matter and air pockets for roots and water. Adding compost stimulates the biological processes that naturally aerate the soil for deeper soil moisture and root development.  RestoreClay contains liquid humates (compost) and concentrated biology to repair and dramatically accelerates these processes.

Dog urine damage is basically a urea/ammonia nitrogen overdose. To prevent dog urine from damaging a lawn we need deeper roots and active soil biology. Deeper roots are deeper and further away from the urine and better protected from potential damage. Active soil biology converts harmful ammonia nitrogen into beneficial nitrate nitrogen. LawnMutt enables deeper root growth while adding nitrogen converting biology to the soil, protecting the lawn from urine damage.

How can SoundSoil help you?

We value each of our customers and are excited to share the benefits of healthy soil with homeowners across the country. 

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to reach out to me directly at jeff@soundsoil.com.