Liquid Humate is an Ideal Soil Amendment for any Lawn or Garden

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Liquid humate is a natural, safe, and easy way to add beneficial organic matter to your lawn, garden, or potted plants. 

Rich, healthy soils contain large amounts of Humate. This critical form of organic matter improves soil structure, aeration, nutrient retention, and provides a haven for beneficial microbes

By adding humic acid directly to the soil you can quickly improve numerous aspects of both the soil health and the health of the grasses, plants, and crops growing in the soil.

Liquid Humate is a fantastic soil amendment that improves both clay and sandy soils.

  • Liquid Humate is a premium, natural product derived from Leonardite.
  • Easier to apply than compost and weed-free.
  • Stimulates beneficial soil microorganisms.
  • Penetrates the soil quickly, going directly to the roots for rapid absorption.
  • Can be used with other fertilizers and is ideal to use alongside RestoreClay
  • It helps to “soften” and restructure hard clay soils.
  • Adds “body” and nutrients to sandy soils.
  • Easy to apply using either a hose-end applicator, pressure sprayer or even a watering can.


Recommended Application Rates

1 Gal (128 oz.) will treat up to 12,000 sq ft of lawn or garden.

1/2 Gal (64 oz.) will treat up to 6,000 sq ft of lawn or garden. 


Liquid Humate can be applied every 4 weeks 

Lawn/Garden: Apply 1 ounce (30 ml) per 100 sq ft. or 10 ounces per 1,000 sq ft.

A hose-end applicator designed for liquid concentrates is recommended for large areas. Pour the appropriate amount of Liquid Humate into the applicator bottle. Add an equal amount of water to the applicator. If the applicator is adjustable set it to the 2-ounce setting.

For a small area, Liquid Humate can be applied with a watering can. Use ½ ounce per gallon of water.

Potted Plants/Container Gardens: Apply ½ ounce per gallon of water. Water as normal.

Trees/Shrubs: Apply 2-3 ounces per gallon of water. Apply around the plant root zone. Water enough to saturate to 4 inches.

Liquid Humate can be applied at the same time as our RestoreClay or LawnMutt products.


Contains non-plant food ingredients:

Humic Acid

Derived from: Leonardite

Contains 6% Humic Acid

A Word of Caution:  Liquid Humate is a very fine powder before we add water. When spilled on concrete this powder can get down into the texture, leaving a dark spot. These spots have not damaged the concrete but will need some time and a few storms or washings to come out.

Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Randy V (Troy, US)
Venhaus - Liquid Humate

Lawn has never looked better! Great products and excellent customer service!

Evie S (Traverse City, US)

After having yard work done the. soil around my walkout basement had become part sand. part clay. and nothing would grow! I. seeded heavily with crimson clover and even it would not. grow. After 2 applications of Liquid. Humate, it is thick and lush!! I Love this product!!!!!!

Donna Kresiak (Albany, US)

Liquid Humate is an Ideal Soil Amendment for any Lawn or Garden

Kevin Bringle (Littleton, US)

Liquid Humate is an Ideal Soil Amendment for any Lawn or Garden

Jocelyn Weight (Ogden, US)
Jeff Orme, Sound Soil products are the best and are a game changer!

I contacted Jeff and explained how portions of my lawn looked burned and brown. Jeff is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, kind and amazing. He took the time to teach me about clay soil and the issues with my grass. He suggested I try Liquid Humate. Within a very short time there was a night and day difference and my lawn is a beautiful, healthy and vibrant green now. I highly recommend Liquid Humate and the Sound Soil products for a healthy, green and beautiful lawn.