Prevent dog urine from killing your grass.

Dogs cause our lawns to die in spots because they repeatedly urinate in the same areas.  Their urine contains urea, which is 46% nitrogen, as well as salt. The concentration of excess nitrogen not only kills the grass but prevents new grass from growing.  The damage caused by dog urine is similar to spilling a handful of fertilizer that “burns” your lawn.

There are a few things you can do today to help minimize the amount of nitrogen that is being fed to your lawn:

  • Pick up and remove the stools before they can biodegrade and add to the nitrogen from the urine.
  • Water the lawn after the dog has urinated to dilute the urine.
  • Bag your lawn clippings so they will not biodegrade and add nitrogen back into the soil.
  • Select a lawn fertilizer with less nitrogen to account for the nitrogen in the urine.

These suggestions are a good start to minimizing the damage but are probably not enough for most dog owners.

To prevent dog urine from killing your lawn the soil needs to be healthy and active.  Healthy soil is rich in beneficial bacteria that breaks down old plant matter, minerals, and fertilizer (including dog urine), so they can be used by the lawn for growth and energy.  This biological process is called the Nitrogen Cycle. A number of environmental factors, like excess dog urine and fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides, excess salts, or dry conditions can diminish this biological process.

This is where LawnMutt can help.

LawnMutt is a Proven, Safe and Easy To Use liquid concentrate that repairs and enhances your soil's nitrogen cycle. LawnMutt is effective on most types of grass and all types of soils.

In addition to being resistant to urine damage a LawnMutt lawn:

  • Greens up earlier in the spring and stays greener longer into the fall.
  • Requires less fertilizer and water to stay healthy.
  • Has less thatch.
  • Has a deeper, healthier root system.
  • Has improved natural soil aeration.

By using LawnMutt and being nitrogen smart, you and your dog can use and enjoy a healthy, green lawn without embarrassing dog urine spots dotting your landscape.

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