Would you like to Improve your Clay Soil? Is your lawn or garden struggling to thrive?


What is clay soil?

Is your lawn or garden struggling? You might want to check for Clay Soil. If the soil in your yard is hard when dry, and sticky when wet, your soil is likely clay. All soils are composed of eroded rock. The difference between sandy soils and clay soils are the size of soil particles. Clay has small soil particles that have a tendency to compact. The more compacted the clay becomes the more it restricts water movement and root development.

To learn more about identifying clay soil check out our article "What is Clay Soil?".


What does healthy topsoil have that is missing from hard clay soil?

When people think of good growing soil, they think of dark topsoil. The dark soil color is a result of surplus decomposed plant matter called humus. This humus in turn feeds and stimulates the soil’s biology. The humus and soil biology work together to provide nutrients for new plant growth and help to restructure the soil and reverse clay soil compaction.





Use RestoreClay to reverse clay soil compaction and improve plant growth.

RestoreClay by SoundSoil is formulated to add humus and build soil biology. These basic components are essential for healthy soil.  RestoreClay, when used 3-4 times a year, will loosen the clay soil structure, which improves water movement and root growth. Improving the quantity of humus and soil biology will also dramatically improve the healthy growth of your lawn and garden.

RestoreClay is an easy to apply liquid concentrate that is applied with a hose end sprayer.  When used a few times a year, you can continually improve your clay soil with each application.

 For more tips and tricks to improving your clay soil via different products such as gypsum, Liquid Humate and more, visit our News page for additional articles and sign up for our Newsletter. 

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