How will fertilizer affect dog urine damaged lawns?

Fertilize Lawn

A frequent question from customers we receive is: “Can I fertilize my lawn while using LawnMutt?”

First, the fertilizer you choose will make a tremendous difference. If you are working with a high-nitrogen ratio fertilizer, you will likely increase the number of dog urine spot, even while using LawnMutt. If after applying your fertilizer you notice the urine spots are getting worse that is an indication that too much nitrogen was applied, just plan on using less fertilizer on your next application.

Dog urine is a concentrated nitrogen fertilizer applied to the lawn a few times a day. LawnMutt is formulated to break down these fertilizers, giving lawns an easier way to recover and grow.  So yes, LawnMutt can be used with fertilizers, but with the correct fertilizer.

Using correct fertilizer.

Choosing the right fertilizer will help make all the difference. Most lawn fertilizers contain large amounts of nitrogen. We recommend using a fertilizer with a balanced mix of nutrients (10-10-10 for example). Having a lower nitrogen rating will have less stress on the nitrogen cycle and allow your lawn to process all the excess urea from dog urine.

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