Healthy soil will improve the growth of your lawn.

Healthy Soil

In earlier articles, we have talked about the use of biological concentrate as a shortcut to building healthy soil. Why is that important?

You can't see healthy soil so let's talk about what you can see, the growth of your lawn and garden.

Healthy soil is the beginning of a happy and healthy lawn and garden. Many of the problems faced by homeowners are the result of soil that is lacking in some area.

Hard clay soils are typically lacking in air pockets as well as deep soil moisture and organic matter. Clay soils are normally rich in nutrients but the dense structure makes these nutrients inaccessible to plants.

Let compare a lawn growing in hard, unproductive clay soil versus a lawn growing in biologically healthy soil.

Lawn growing in Hard Clay Soil will:
  • be sparse and patchy, especially when new.
  • have shallow roots due to the physical barrier of the dense clay.
  • require more water because the roots are close to the surface.
  • be more susceptible to heat stress and browning.
  • require increased amounts of fertilizer to keep the lawn green.
  • have an increasing layer of thatch (nitrogen fertilizer stimulates leaf, or above ground growth, instead of root growth.)

Results: Lawn's lacking in health biology will be less productive and need more time, effort, fertilizer and water to get the results you want. 

Let's compare this to a lawn growing in clay soil treated with a biological concentrate like RestoreClay 2-3 times a year.

Lawn growing in Healthy Productive Clay Soil will:

  • be lush, full and green. 
  • have a "softer" soil texture with more air pockets for water and roots. 
  • drain better and result in deeper moisture levels drawing the roots deeper into the soil.
  • store water more effectively and require less. 
  • be more resistant to browning caused by heat stress.
  • provide a better balance of nutrients to the lawn and require less fertilizer.
  • actively compost thatch returning the nutrients back the to the lawn.

Results: By using a biological concentrate like RestoreClay we are continually improving the biological health of the soil with each application. With healthy soil a healthy lawn is easy. 

RestoreClay will repair all areas of unproductive gardening soils. It is common for our customers to have the best looking lawn in the neighborhood.

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