Ortho Dial N Spray Hose End Applicator

Ortho Dial N Spray Hose End Applicator


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The Ortho Dial N Spray is one of our preferred hose-end applicators. 

We recommend using applicators like the Chameleon by RL Flo-Master, or the Ortho Dial-n-Spray but any applicator designed for liquid concentrates will work.  

Applicators for products like Miracle Grow crystals work differently and will not evenly apply the product to the lawn. 

To Use, pour the appropriate amount of concentrate into the applicator's container and 

The applicator has an adjustable dial that sets the amount of product added to each gallon of water that flows through the applicator. Set the dial to the 2-ounce setting. 

Once the applicator is ready, spray the area until the applicator is empty. Water the area immediately after for 10-15 minutes to ensure saturation into the soil. 

Customer Reviews

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Jay (Alexandria, US)
Nice consistent spray

I have really loved using this applicator. It gives a consistent spray and has good uptake for the solution inside. Definitely better than using the screw-on bottles of fertilizer for sale at home stores.

Cheryl Wagenman (Billings, US)

I love it! Very easy to use.

Dennis Boll (Atlanta, US)
Great and well-made sprayer!

This is an excellent sprayer that is constructed for years of use.

Elizabeth Bennett (Grand Blanc, US)
Works great

Our grass looks much better after using.

Jane Mccall (Fairhope, US)

Simple to use and sprays well