Why soil biology reminds me of motor oil.

A few days ago I was sitting in the lobby of an oil change facility when it occurred to me that the function of oil in a car's engine is similar to the biology in soil.

I'm asked on a regular basis, “What does your product do?”. I am always looking for an easy analogy to help people understand the role soil health plays in the growth of their lawn and garden.

I came up with this analogy, let me know what you think.

In a car you have the engine, you add gas to the car to give the engine energy. Oil keeps the engine functioning smoothly. If an engine that is running poorly, adding more gas may keep it running but it will be inefficient. Without proper oil addition and changes, the car is not going to run very long and eventually seize up.

In comparison, you add fertilizer to to your lawn and garden to give them nutrients and energy. The soil's biology converts that potential energy into plant growth. By adding fertilizer to soil lacking in healthy biology you will get some growth, but it will take a lot more fertilizer.

At SoundSoil we find the best Biological Soil Amendments available in the agricultural world and are making them available to homeowners. We are keeping your soil lubricated for long life.

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