How do biological soil amendments differ from fertilizer and should they be used together?

Using a biological concentrate every time you apply your favorite fertilizer will ensure you deliver the maximum benefit to your lawn and garden. 

biological amendment

Just like your favorite meal has to be digested to provide your body energy, fertilizer has to be "digested" by the soil to offer health and energy to your lawn and garden. 

This "digestion" is a biological process completed by the micro organisms present in the soil. By adding a biological concentrate like RestoreClay or LawnMutt you greatly improve this process. 

Biologically healthy soil will grow healthier, stronger plants because more of the nutrients provided by the fertilizer will be delivered to the plant instead of leaching into the ground water.

At SoundSoil we find the best Biological Soil Amendments available in the agricultural world and are making them available to homeowners

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