Can you improve your soil's biology without biological amendments?

Can you improve your soil without the cost and time of using a biological concentrate like RestoreClay? 

The answer is yes you can. Healthy bacteria is present in nearly all soils. Under the right conditions, and given enough time, the soil will find a healthy biological balance without adding an amendment. 

The challenge becomes - the quickest and best way to create these conditions.

An ideal soil composition will look something like this:

  • 45% Eroded rock particles. (sand, silt or clay)
  • 25% Air
  • 25% Water
  • 5% Organic plant matter (humus)
If a lawn or garden is struggling, the soil is likely different than the ratio listed above. Especially with clay soils, it can be lacking in air and organic matter.

With most soils adding compost will start the improvement process. Adding compost gives the soil microbes food, adds nutrients, and helps to create air spaces. 

Adding compost takes time and effort and there are areas like a lawn or an established garden where adding compost is not really an option. Additionally, soils may have conditions like high salinity or soil compaction that can inhibit good biological growth. 

Using a Biological Concentrate like RestoreClay just a few times year will significantly accelerate the repair process even in hard to amend areas like a lawn or an established garden.

RestoreClay adds a high concentration of healthy, beneficial soil biology as well as concentrated humus. Humus being the basic healthy soil building blocks. Additionally, RestoreClay is unique in that it can also significantly improve poor soil conditions like salt and compaction.

Think of biological soil concentrates like RestoreClay as a shortcut to building health soil fast!

If you do enjoy the activity of working in the soil, biological soil amendments will just amplify the results from your efforts.

At SoundSoil we find the best Biological Soil Amendments available in the agricultural world and make them available to homeowners.

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