LawnMutt Soil Amendment Large Lawn Bundle For Dog Urine Spots On Lawn.

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Do you love your dog but hate the spots their urine causes in your lawn?

LawnMutt is an easy to apply, liquid soil amendment, for dog owners. Dog urine contains high levels of urea nitrogen. High concentrations of urea can damage a lawn's ability to absorb moisture. Healthy soil converts urea nitrogen into a more lawn friendly nitrate nitrogen that's easier for the lawn to absorb. LawnMutt repairs and enhances the soil's health enabling it to process higher levels of urea. By metabolizing the excess urea you can prevent dog urine spots in your lawn. 

Are you interested in repairing and preventing dog urine spots in your lawn? This 2 application bundle is the perfect solution.

This Large lawn Bundle is formulated for lawns 1600-3200 sq. ft. That would be the size of a large home with a lot size of 3/4 to 1 acre. 

Not sure the sq ft of your lawn? For reference, look at the pictures above for size comparison. The pictures above are of lawn areas approximately 1600-3200 sq. ft.  If you are still unsure email me a picture and I should be able to recommend a bottle size. My email address is

If your lawn is larger than 3200 sq. ft. we recommend dividing the lawn up into 3200 sq. ft. sections and treating each section separately. The applicator bottle when full will cover up to 3200 sq. ft. and if applied to a larger area will over dilute the product and decrease its effectiveness.

We recommend using applicators like the Chameleon by Hudson, or the Ortho Dial-n-Spray. Applicators for products like Miracle Grow crystals work differently and will not evenly apply the product to the lawn.  If you prefer to apply with a pressure sprayer add 2 gallons of water per ounce of LawnMutt. 

Application is as easy as watering. Simply pour the contents of one 16 oz. bottle into the applicator bottle and add 32 ounces of additional water. Set the green dial on the applicator to the 2 oz. setting. Apply to the lawn area evenly until the applicator is empty. Water for 5-10 minutes after to saturate down to the root zone. It is that easy. no additional measuring or worrying.  

Repeat the process with the second bottle 3-6 weeks later to continue the repair process.  

After the second application, you should start to see a decrease in the number and severity of new urine spots as well as the shrinking of existing dead spots. 2 applications are usually enough to start the repair processes on all but the most severely damaged lawns. Severely damaged lawns can take a bit longer and a few additional applications. 

Due to the volume of urine applied to most lawns, regular applications every 3-6 weeks is recommended and prevention will get better with each application. 

LawnMutt is safe for people and pets when used as directed and no special safety requirements are needed.

Dead spots can be reseeded 7-14 days after application. 

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New house

I was just able to use your product this weekend. We moved into a new home and I purchased it to use on our newly laid sod. I will let you know.


Works like a charm to keep the grass green - follow directions!!